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The L-Word…


I write songs. On request. Mostly wedding songs. Thus – most always Love songs…

They are exclusively written for your wedding. I guarantee uniqueness. I don’t commit plagiarism – I don’t copy or steal or borrow words, phrases or music from anyone.

I feel about my songs, much like I feel about my children – (and they cost me about the same :mrgreen: ) – they are of me, but not from me. They are the product of caring and nurturing and developing a God-given talent, which is sooo satifying to share, because I get to give something special to people that could last a lifetime.

When someone approaches me with a request, they tell me their ‘story’ or that which they want to express in the song. It is the most important part of the whole process. For me to get under their skin, so to speak. Into their hearts & minds. And I feel blessed to regularly receive an e-mail that says: “It’s almost as if I have written it myself”…. And THAT is the greatest compliment for me. It humbles me to know that I can give something to two people to take with them into their future… It is also one of the few things they actually can – photos… rings…

The icing on the cake’s gone beige

the once yummy inside’s reached crumble stage

 the flowers have wilted – the dress has shrunk

(the bridegroom’s turned into a skunk) 🙄

I still have the ring though, the sign of his love

and proof that we married – in an old photograph

Oh, and lest I forget: we have our own special song –

to which, after all these years, we still sing along 😉

It’s the ONE thing we share since that perfect day

it reminds us forever why we wanted to say: …

…”I DO” :mrgreen:


Now, with regard to the L-word… so, you probably thought I was talking about L O V E ? 😕



Ok, not so wrong – but still…


I received a request today.

From a woman.

Wonderfully worded.

Asking me to write a song for her partner.

For her upcoming wedding.

With a woman. 🙄 - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Get it? The L-word?

Now, before you threaten to accuse me of discrimination – hear me out, will you please?!

 Of course I replied. Of course I said ‘yes’, I would write a song. In a way I feel different about this one… it doesn’t somehow make sense in my head, but I feel more humbled by this than any previous request. Maybe because this person, who must have experienced her fair share of prejudice and intolerance from who else –  ‘straight’ people, must have mustered an enormous amount of courage to approach me of all people to ‘do the honours’, so to speak.

I replied with the usual questions… what kind of song… genre… style… rhythm… is it for the ceremony… for the party… any specific message? fun? profound? spiritual?

I didn’t have to ask about the other L-word… that is: the Love part. (I had read the original request a couple of times.) I could read love in between each carefully constructed line.

I received the second e-mail an hour ago. It answers all my questions. She wants a uptempo (fun) loving yet mildly passionate declaration – a little bit ‘hot’, a little bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’, a little bit of Spanish kinda pop 🙄 – no particular reference to sexual orientation – to dance on and to sing to… 😕

I have no problem whatsoever in writing the song… half of it is already in my memory – some of it stored as draft on my cellphone – I explained to her, that I write for men as well, which is sometimes even easier than the other seemingly more emotional style (from woman to man) – so I’ll write it almost as if  ‘to myself’ – as I as a woman would like to be represented in a (‘hot’ & ‘mildly passionate’) song with a spanish pop feel.

 One thing will be weird though. My client is thrilled that I will be singing the song – seeing I’m a girl – according to her, it’ll be “perfect”!.

I really do hope, like with all other songs I write on request, that this will be as close to perfect as the expectations are.

Depending on the completed lyrics, I may have to make a public statement about my orientation…

…or not 😉  

 *MWAH* Allermooistes!!

Be good – and be assured – you’ll be the very first to hear the song once it has been delivered. Deal?! 

I aim to write thé L-anthem of all Time!!


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