Octopus – State Enemy #1

It’s not easy being a clearvoyant Octopus, now is it?? Not with 82 million germans demanding your head (or his soft pouch receptacle) on a plate… 😯

Paul is not a soft, fuzzy, cuddly and cosy Knut – like the Berlin polar bear – he is more like a large floating elephant scrotum! So, maybe he feels he has more in common with the Spanish for a good enough reason afterall?? :mrgreen:

This particular octopus, like all other octopi, are cephalopod mollusks in the order ‘Octopoda’, with two eyes and four pairs of arms, are highly intelligent 😕 , probably the most intelligent of all invertebrates – but can they also  be psychogenic,  supersensory,  and  telepathic?

Public sentiment and feeling in Germany seems to changing and Paul, the formerly funny and entertaining octopus has become somewhat of an un-welcome’ free-loader’!

Then again – ‘Legatus non violatur’  – a wise old Latin saying meaning:  ’Don’t shoot the messenger’ .

But while it is wise never to blame the messenger for just his message, this wisdom should be  reserved for human beings and not four-legged tentacled mollusks!

German internet searches for  ‘cooking with octopus’ and ‘octopus recipes’ have skyrocketed overnight. 😆

And in Argentina people have threatened to make Paella of Paul.

It is not easy to be a ‘clairvoyant’  octopus and perhaps ‘Paul’ should have just stuck to being an acquarium thingie and not reach too high socially – after all octopi should know their place – they should be seen… behind glass… and not heard from.

Anyways – Congratulations to Spain –

und Kopf hoch Jungs!!

Dann holt ihr uns den Pott eben in 4 Jahren, ja?

Torres comforst Poldi

“O Aarde sluk my in!!!”




11 Responses to “Octopus – State Enemy #1”

  1. July 8, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Ook mar net omdat ek dink my span het beter kans teen Spanje as Duitsland… sorry… Kan ek jou oornooi na die oranje kant?

    • 2 BB
      July 8, 2010 at 9:22 am

      Og dankie DMi! Afterall mos al jarre en jarre bure 😉 Hup-hup-skuif-up – laa’k net vir Mr Cortez (H3) vra of hy vir my een van daai Oros-toppies kan kry wat hulle ini gym verkoop :mrgreen:
      (ek sukkel net met die uitspraak… *tsk* die Hollangers het darem ‘n vreeslik lelike manier van tongknoop 🙄 en hoewel hulle vas glo enigiemand wat Afrikaans kan praat verstaan hulle, sweer ek dis makliker om Duits te volg – want as daai kaasbekke eers wegtrek ‘vang’ ek hulle net te danke aan elke 2de werkwoord wat hulle gebruik :mrgreen:

  2. 4 CHAOS
    July 8, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    ” going back to my roots yeah” jip sorry almal ek sal nou maar doen wat ek van die begin af belowe het en nie gedoen het nie – ja die Kaap mag Hollands wees maar by Soccer City sal en gaan ek nou SPAIN support – helaas – going back to my roots tra la la …..

  3. July 9, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Ag jammer oor jou span BB, maar ek dink hulle het ons ‘n guns gedoen want Holland staan in my oê ‘n beter kans teen die Spanjaarde. Wonder wat het Paul voorspel vir hierie ene.

    Ek is saam met jou op die taal ding. My Ma se bure was Hollanders en as daardie Omie eers weggetrek het, het jy ‘n formula 1 kar nodig gehad om by te bly.

  4. 7 CHAOS
    July 12, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Helaas – geluk – dit was goed, mooi, spannend, senutergend, opwindend en uiters suksesvol – aan die Hollanders baie dankie vir die saamspeel – as julle dalk meer fokus op die bal en minder op die man sal dit beter gaan met julle !! Sien julle in Brazil 2014 !!

  5. July 19, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    Der Mannschafft should have put them greasy Spaniards to rest. Oh well.
    I still think they played the best football in the entire SWC. No screaming at the ref, falling over their petticoats and holding their shins when only their shirts were tugged. Soccer players make me wanna puke. Milions of pounds per year and the Poms and the Dutch behave like 5 year old brats who have never had a decent spanking. At least the germans can hold their heads up high!

    I wonder if the North Korean team is still alive…?

    • 10 BB
      July 20, 2010 at 6:01 am

      😯 jissie Sweaty!!
      1) Gits! you gave me a fright – materializing outta nowhere like that… kinda makes one want to use FNB’s clients’ line: “Where’d HE come from??” :mrgreen: – Hey, but WELCOME on your annual sojourn thru blog-land 😉

      2) I’ve been wondering the same thing about the North Koreans… 🙄 rumour/urban legend has it that they’ll just disappear into the coal mines like the defeated team in their first and last (until this year) WC in 1966 – (according to a defected former coach) – but contrary to this rumour, a BBC film crew was recently granted access to North Korea, where they located all seven surviving members of the original 1966 team, none of whom had coal-stained hands or the black lung. As for those members of the squad who are no longer with us? 😕 Well, who knows what happened to them … 🙄

      Maybe intelligence analysts can start studying match tapes for hints into North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. 😕

      But YES!!! Being the youngest team (ok, ok 2nd youngest team) – unsere Mannschaft behaved like well-mannered (gentle)men at the best of times. The ‘foulest’ players this year?? My vote and The Puking Smiley goes to: NETHERLANDS! Mann-o-mann!!! 👿

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