Happiness is Wholeness… It is Well with my Soul

Are you happy?  Or do you at least know happiness?

We have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness.

Happiness is NOT attained through self-gratification, but through one thing and one thing only: Fidelity. To the Self.

Happiness is when:

All you think,  feel, say and do

is in perfect harmony.


So, let’s say you are three parts. One part Body. One part Soul. One part Spirit.

The Body touches the material world through its senses: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Touch as well as Communication and Physical Needs or Desires.

The Gates to the Soul are Imagination, Consciousness, Mind, Will, Reason, the Affections or Emotions  (Love, Hate etc), Memory and last but not least the Self (Ego).

The Spirit receives impressions of outward senses and/or material things through or via the soul. The faculties of the Spirit are mainly Conscience, Fellowship, Intuition as well as Faith & Hope. There are quite a few characteristics that can reveal a person’s spirit’s state or condition. Enthusiasm is definitely one of them. Positivity, Humility, Patience and Serenity are also part of these.


If you give each of them the required attention, spend the correct amount of time and energy on them and regard them important, each in their own unique way – you will probably be rewarded with what we term general happiness – or as I call it : ‘Wholeness’.

You do know when one of them is sick, right? Have you ever thought that it may be possible, that the part that is complaining, is the part that you may have neglected or deprived of your attention?

And in doing that – the other two parts may perhaps ‘stand up and fight’ so to speak. Their motto : “One for all and all for one” .

So, whichever the ailing one may be and whoever the other two are – they’ll be scrambling around trying to find a way and means to make the hurting one feel better.

If YOU don’t know or are not aware of which one is in dire need of your attention and perhaps intervention and don’t attend to it – you might misunderstand the other two’s misinterpreted and maybe even foolish and erratic responses and actions – which focuses on one thing only – survival of the Whole.

Problem is: your body knows only to be a Body. Your Soul how to be a Soul and your Spirit (hopefully) knows how to be a Spirit.

So when your heart is hurting, your body might want to try to find a hug (or physical attention of any kind) because it knows (or rather it thinks it knows) what helps an aching heart. Your body may just have one problem though:

It may not be able to distinguish between ‘good quality suppliers’ – and it may therefor just grab hold of the first best pair of arms available to get that hug… 😕

In the meantime your soul (mind) is scurrying around, knowing that your wounded heart finds comfort in words and attention – in hearing promises and sharing feel-good whispers of hope. What it doesn’t realize is that when the heart is hurting, more often than not, its communication skills are lacking. It can’t provide the right transfusion from the right donor – it doesn’t know your heart’s language – it doesn’t know why the heart’s acting as it is, but it knows that your heart is normally quite happy and content with that which it feeds it… So, it looks around quickly, finds something it deems mutually acceptable to itself and its unit parts, says something thoughtless, gets what it thinks is the right kind of attention and believes it has succeeded in comforting the heart.

Well, you get it? Sort of… right?

Until… until the heart, which has been fed impulsive and maybe even reckless miscalculated dosages of remedy, realizes that, through its weakness, it has allowed ingestion of a mixture of near-lethal levels of tonics the other two parts have supplied in their despair to salvage the unit.

And sadly, so often those ‘tonics’ contain ingredients of other peoples’ units or a combination thereof. Even worse, sometimes those ingredients just don’t provide the right essentials and in a few cases prove to be totally incompatible with the unit in despair.

What happens next?

Well, the heart, which for a moment seemed to get better even almost miraculously healed, suddenly rebels, because although the ‘cure’, which appeared to work for a while, has started taking control and completely annihilating the initial mere deficiency of the one element that had always been the reason for the heart’s original well-being.

Are you confused now? Not (yet)? Well, I am… sort of… :mrgreen:

What I know is this:

When your heart feels neglected – say so! ASAP! When your heart feels unloved. Tell the right person immediately! When it feels afraid – speak up. When it’s alone, sad, angry, pitiful – listen to it and act accordingly. Make informed decisions about how to take positive action to attend to it. KNOW what’s involved. KNOW what your heart needs. KNOW how to comfort it and how to help it heal. KNOW that if it’s not good for your heart, it’s not good enough – whatever it is. Your heart does not need cheap medicine; it does not deserve inferior treatment and it certainly does not want a quick-fix arranged by the other two inmates of You – the two that don’t know how to be a heart.

DO NOT sit back and allow your mind or body to act as individual entities to try and handle the problem. They DON’T know how! They only know the NOW. The moment. They only respond to survival instinct – of themselves. That is why they attend (however stupidly) to another’s aches and pains. Their mere existence depends on it, afterall.

YOU are the only one who understands the WHOLE. You set the pace. You make the rules. You know what makes you sad (heart) 😦 , sick (body) and what drives you crazy (mind). 😉

Start taking responsibility for each of them.

Become the dependable force in the WHOLE of You. Suggest and lead and coax and force and even threaten them if need be. Know their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses, but DON’T ignore their cries for help and DON’T EVER leave them unguarded and thus defenceless. They WILL each try to survive on their own – and they will fail miserably. They’ll do their best to support each other, cluelessly dashing about for quick fixes, succeeding only in total disarray, misunderstanding and ultimate malfunction.

Some people’s wholeness has been suffering  for years, on account of one of their entity’s hurt. But as the other two have desperately tried anything and everything, they too have started ailing in their exhaustive attempts to heal the other.

Has it ever occurred to you that one seemingly specific (health or emotional) problem you experience right now, today, MAY have been set off by an overworked and exhausted entity, which tried to help the other in a moment of crisis and has eventually been drained of all its fullness by its own futile efforts?

So, you may have lost a puppy 10 years ago, never mourned the loss, your body grabs a cigarette (it’s seems it helps Mommy with her stress…) , it starts reading depressing poetry (after you got one of the site’s addresses on a sympathy card at the vet’s), follows self-destructive like-minded posts on the internet or the pages of so-called Facebook ‘friends’  – and the head (soul) reads it and thinks it knows “that’s how the heart must feel”!! … and all of a sudden you can’t focus anymore – lost your 20/20 vision from hours and hours worth of Google and you have spasms in your shoulders and neck, which in turn causes sleeplessness and thus depression…

Which makes you eat less. Or more.

Sleep less. Or more.

You have no energy.

You barely make it through the day.

Your hair becomes dull and your nails brittle.

You don’t care what your heels look like – although if you had looked you would have probably been able to diagnose the early symptoms of thyroid problems…

ALL because your puppy died 20 years ago and dad said:

“Oh Gee!! It was just a puppy! I’ll get you another one tomorrow, if you promise to stop crying immediately!”.

And you stopped crying.

But he never got you another one.

And your Soul remembers that crying doesn’t get you anywhere or anything and decided that men can’t be trusted to fix things that make us want to cry – they just promise to – in order to make us stop crying. Which is a story for another day…

How much do you depend on someone else to make and KEEP you happy? Or Healthy?

How much do your thoughts and words and actions IN UNISON reflect the same priorities and the same steadfast values?

Are you able to keep harmony between your heart (spirit) and mind (soul) and body?

Do you understand that the one who is the meekest, the one who asks the least, is the one that should be attended to the most? We have to start calling our Bodies and Souls to attention, get them to create a ‘safe place’ where our Spirit can dwell in and then ensure our Spirit is fed according to our spiritual needs and our spirit’s design.

NOT the other way around. Yes, the body is dependent, much more so than the other parts, on you for survival and general health. Also, the Body is selfish and has no regard for mindful or spiritual things. It’s only function is to survive and to carry the Soul for the duration of same Soul’s purposes (and perhaps even tests) on Earth. If the Soul depends purely on the Body for survival, it sadly won’t make it out alive. If it depends on the Spirit (as it should), it can’t but triumph.

Do You and your Whole have a common goal? And do all your parts understand their roles and work toward that goal or purpose?

Does your Body KNOW that, although its condition IS important, because your time on earth depends on it, it really is only a vessel for your Soul and that the state of your Soul really depends on the fullness of your Spirit, and if it does not know or understand this yet, maybe it’s time to teach it differently?


3 Responses to “Happiness is Wholeness… It is Well with my Soul”

  1. March 17, 2017 at 8:38 am

    Mmm … sjoe maar jy kan die tale gooi! Mooi geskryf, diep – maar stem ek saam.

    • 2 BB
      March 17, 2017 at 9:27 am

      BB Ramblings noem my man dit 😉 – bietjie lank vir die gemiddelde leser, ek weet, maar soms skryf ons mos maar eintlik net om die hart leeg te kry en te probeer sin maak van die lewe binne in onsself, nê?

  2. March 24, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    ‘n Gesonde liggaam huisves immers ‘n gesonde siel.

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