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Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus

Lord Jesus, I come to you today

with not much to give, but if I may

I ask that you accept my heart

to do Your will and do my part

to spread the Joy and Peace and Love

that I receive from God above

throughout the year in every way

not only on this Christmas Day

My gift to You is what I do

to try to help somebody change their view

about the wonder of Your Truth, Your Light

Your Peace, Your Joy, Your Love, Your Might

Your greatest gift – that of Salvation

I wish for every man, each nation

And Life to live… Eternally

Because You died, Lord,… but first, You were born for me.

When the Christmas bells are ringing and the choirs are singing, I’m always left wondering why we have to wait a whole year to truly celebrate the life of special people?

I, for one, believe that just as I thank HIM for dying for me each day, I thank God for sending His only Son every day.

For many believers (and non-believers) the 24th or the 25th of December is THE day… Or not. 😕

Many believers are confronted by others with issues such as pagan festivities and dates and times and seasons and why this couldn’t have happened then and why that couldn’t have been… how a year is not really so many days and how even the days of the week are one too many or two too few (I could do with another weekend day 😀 )

For me it’s as simple as this: Not WHEN He was born, but THAT He was born.

So yes, it makes life a little less complex to set a date for celebration. But it might as well have been the 25th of July. Or the 28th of October. Dates that mean (another kind of) the world to me. Special dates that happen to be birthdays of loved ones. The point is that those loved ones happen to BE or have been in my life.

If I cannot truly celebrate my salvation every single day of my life – what is the point of celebrating HIS birthday on what happens to be the 25th of December?

If I can’t be thankful (and therefor celebrate) each and every loved one’s existence every single day that I am blessed to share my life with, what use would it be for me to throw them a party on what happens to be their birthday?

I know I can’t cook the turkey all year round (jinne julle, daai’s darem ‘n lelike voël as ek al ooit een gesien het! 😯 ) ; no reason to stuff my face with stuffing every day 🙄 , the more kaggelkakkies I put up with right through the year, the more dusting I’ll have to do and the more I douse everything with brandy custard, the more hangover cures I’ll have to endure 😳 – so the 25th of December is as great a day for me as any.

To be able to have, if nothing else, this ONE thing in common with millions of people all over the world on this special day. Celebrating a special occasion. THE most special occasions of all… (seeing you have to be born to be able to die, 🙄 ja?).

You may say that “many of those people don’t know neither do they care about the real meaning and the true message behind it all”. That “many of those people don’t do it for the right reason. Many of those people…”

and you may take a deep breath and realize: you’ve got it all wrong. Realize that it really is not about ‘those people’. It’s about Him… and about you.

If I celebrate my daughter’s birthday with her, she will remember what I gave her, what I said and the sharing of emotion we had. Neither her father’s nor her brother’s nor her cousins’ or friends’ way of partaking will change ANYTHING about what WE share and HOW we share it – she and I. And between US, NOTHING and NOBODY can make or break that connection) – and often I find myself staring at the Love of my life, or one of my children thinking: “Thank God for your existence!” – which ultimately simply boils down to “Happy birthday” – for each new day is another new birthday, (sort of), ja?

If you don’t believe me – ask anyone who has lost a loved one in the blink of an eye. Whose loved one’s birthday it was on the 12 of June, who happened to pass away in November… if they had the option, they’d wish for their loved one to have stayed in order for them to celebrate that life, one more day, each and every day…


So I can’t give Him any gifts – except my heart – and the only way to do that is to give to those around me , that which He gifted me with –

my talents, my generosity, my patience, my kindness, my caring and my love.

It’s not what you give HIM on this one day – it’s what you give others every day of the year that allows for this one day to be celebrated,

to rejoice, reflect and remember what you’re really here for: To serve and praise HIM in all the ways and with all the means at your disposal.


So without further ado, I wish YOU, my Lord and Saviour, who, because you died for me, first had to be born for me: 

 I give You my heart (again) this year, Lord – I know you have great use for it 😉


Geseënde Kersfees, Allerm♥♥istes!!


She is here, die Weihnachtszeit

Mein drietalige Weihnachts Rhyme…

When the sun shines wunderbar

Here in goeie ou SA

Wir bedrückt sind from the heat

En beslis nie Glühwein need

Dan weet ons, es ist soweit:

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit


Elke parking ist besetzt,

want die people fahren jetzt

All to Menlyn Retail Park

Van vroegoggend until dark

Almal kaufen wild en woes

No sweet glimlag and no Gruss

Boney M sing “Silent Night”

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit


Mama backt in the kombuis

Tussen-in haar shopping days

Papa spannt die liggiesdraad

From the Haus tot in die straat

And he pflanzt den Christmas Tree

In die tuin für all to see

Wenn he hangs the silwer balls,

Hard he from the Leiter falls

Mama smiles – he’ll be oraait

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit


When the naughty kindertjies

Suddenly leer to sê: “Please”

When the buurman mows sein Gras

Während sein sound system raas

Cliff singt “Mistletoe and wine”

And die skaapboud smells divine

In the aand the Kinderlein

Almal look te pragtig, fine

Und dann sings die familie

Schauerlich: “Oh, Chistmastree!”

Almal phone van near und weit

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit!


Elkeen in the happy house

Is packing hul geskenke aus

Mama cries ‘n frohe traan

Oor haar brandnew Teflon pan

Papa’s sakdoekies und tie

Beinahe also make him cry

Al die kinders is so glad

With what Santa’s them bescherrt

The President speaks op TV,

Überall is Harmonie

‘Til Ma to the Küche runs

Im Oond da burns the Weihnachtsgans

And so comes die Feuerwehr

Mit ‘n moerse lawaai daher,

En hul bring ‘n long hosepipe

From die brandweerwa se Leib

En die children almal skree

My Geschenke! Wee, oh wee!!!

The whole Haus is onder water

Christmas warten muss tot later

Mama mops und sussie vee

Die Garten lyk like een groot see

Keiner moant – Pa vattie k@kkie

Almal eet vanaand Kentucky!!!

At least ons Kersfees was sehr bright…

Ja, She was here, die Weihnachtszeit!


Kersfees Rympie Tyd


1. Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh

2. So, I’m gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas
Mommy and Daddy are mad.
I’m gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas
‘Cause I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad.

3. O! You better watch out!
You better not cry.
Better not pout, I’m telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town!

4. Deck the halls with boughs of holly
  Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
‘Tis the season to be jolly
  Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Ok, jou beurt!  Jy vertaal die rympie/liedjie van jou keuse in Afrikaans…


1. Klokkies beier, klokkies klingel,

kersfeesklokkies lui…

O, maar dit is groot vet pret

om op ‘n donkiekar te ry! Hey! 


(Onthou net: ek moet jou ‘skepping’ darem nog op sy ou bekende wysie kan sing!!)

Voetnota aan Helge:  “Dis al” is NIE ‘n Christmas carol nie!! 😉 (don’t go there!!)

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