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BB à la die H3…

Die SON☼ het getag – en ek speel saam – vra enigiets oor/van my

wat jy dalk nog nie weet/wil weet/my mee wil afpers…

maar ek buig die reëls bietjie:

Vra die H3 aka Chaos ↑  :

Ek moet dit dus maar beperk tot 3 vrae (en ek sal nie inmeng nie, belowe…) – ek sal wel later sê of hy reg was/is of nie :mrgreen:

Ek tag die Poelishonkie Emily


She is here, die Weihnachtszeit

Mein drietalige Weihnachts Rhyme…

When the sun shines wunderbar

Here in goeie ou SA

Wir bedrückt sind from the heat

En beslis nie Glühwein need

Dan weet ons, es ist soweit:

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit


Elke parking ist besetzt,

want die people fahren jetzt

All to Menlyn Retail Park

Van vroegoggend until dark

Almal kaufen wild en woes

No sweet glimlag and no Gruss

Boney M sing “Silent Night”

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit


Mama backt in the kombuis

Tussen-in haar shopping days

Papa spannt die liggiesdraad

From the Haus tot in die straat

And he pflanzt den Christmas Tree

In die tuin für all to see

Wenn he hangs the silwer balls,

Hard he from the Leiter falls

Mama smiles – he’ll be oraait

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit


When the naughty kindertjies

Suddenly leer to sê: “Please”

When the buurman mows sein Gras

Während sein sound system raas

Cliff singt “Mistletoe and wine”

And die skaapboud smells divine

In the aand the Kinderlein

Almal look te pragtig, fine

Und dann sings die familie

Schauerlich: “Oh, Chistmastree!”

Almal phone van near und weit

She is here, die Weihnachtszeit!


Elkeen in the happy house

Is packing hul geskenke aus

Mama cries ‘n frohe traan

Oor haar brandnew Teflon pan

Papa’s sakdoekies und tie

Beinahe also make him cry

Al die kinders is so glad

With what Santa’s them bescherrt

The President speaks op TV,

Überall is Harmonie

‘Til Ma to the Küche runs

Im Oond da burns the Weihnachtsgans

And so comes die Feuerwehr

Mit ‘n moerse lawaai daher,

En hul bring ‘n long hosepipe

From die brandweerwa se Leib

En die children almal skree

My Geschenke! Wee, oh wee!!!

The whole Haus is onder water

Christmas warten muss tot later

Mama mops und sussie vee

Die Garten lyk like een groot see

Keiner moant – Pa vattie k@kkie

Almal eet vanaand Kentucky!!!

At least ons Kersfees was sehr bright…

Ja, She was here, die Weihnachtszeit!


There’s a SpaceShip in my Suitcase!!

Now here’s the catch in partners’ travels

where one’s exact and one unravels

and they decide to pack their earthly stuff

into ONE suitcase 😯 now, THAT is tough!!


So, daddy determines it’s time to pack

THREE days before we hit the track 🙄

And I’m still using EVERYTHING

And ALL the things I need to bring

It’s not like I’m a frequent trekker

(although that could be kinda lekker 😉 )

So, no convenient tiny trav’lling jars

Like the ones you find in elegant spas

I’ve got to take my WHOLE collection

Of lotions, potions… oh, and a plug connection!!



You see, I have the most amazing tool

(and yes, maybe I’m acting the stubborn mule… 😳

And maybe the Helge is perfectly right

when he says: “the gusty wind is a ruining blight

and your ‘Space Ship’ won’t serve its purpose there

once the ‘Kaapse Sedoos’ blasts through your hair!


plus, “it takes more space than 3 pairs of shoes!!

Shoes?! 😯 did I mention I’m taking 6 pairs of those?? 😳

And 8 sets of lingerie – we’ll be gone for 3 days!!!

*tsk* how will men EVER understand women’s ways??


So, I resolve to not put up a blistering fight

And though I agree that he might just be right

I’ll sweetly smile in meek compromise

( now don’t tell me women can’t be sensibly wise?!! )


I say: “If my dryer can come I will leave the pajamas” 😉

He says: “Why didn’t you say so in the FIRST place, hot Mama?!?!:mrgreen:




You are my Sunshine…

~ ♥ ~

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine, 😆


you make me happy :mrgreen: in special ways… 😉

~ ♥ ~


Oh, don’t you know Dear, how much I l♥ve you, 😕


…you almost drowned me on Valentine’s Day!! 😯

~ ♥ ~


Who?? ME???


Kry ek hierdie vanoggend in my inbox 😯




If I knew there were cameras allowed, I would have invited you to capture me in the pole dance cage :mrgreen:

Now THAT is a picture even I would pay for 😳 ~


One Truth Only…


Tagged by Alta (eeehhhmm… Thanks Alta… I think?? 😕 )




Hmmm… I wonder whether I’d not MUCH rather do the DARE instead of the TRUTH-thing… but how do I virtually prove if and that I dunnit?? :mrgreen:

So, I’ve decided I’d play along with the truth… Safely though!


Everyone will get only ONE question and although I hope to answer it as truthfully as possible,

if I don’t – and you catch me outyou WIN:

2 Tickets to : “Steve Sings Diamond” at the Cadillac Theatre –

(Zambesi Retail Park (light meal/snacks included).


Hoe seg Ding so mooi: Staan sterk, sit stewig, lê laag en skiet sekuur! 😉


They’re NOT just made for walking…



I have a certain love affair

Oh no! …don’t stare like that!! 😆

It’s all to do with fun and flair

And not at all with flirt or chat 😉

I simply have a little ‘thing’

Some people call obsession 😯

This passionate fanatic fling

With my charming pair possession…




A shoe is just a shoe you say? 😕

I beg to differ gladly!!

The shoes you wear are on display

And may portray you sadly 😳

So you can hide a belly round 🙄

Or ‘lo!!! a double-chin 😯

A droopy chest that’s southward bound 😉

Or even an uneven grin… :mrgreen:

BUT there’re NO jeans, NO scarf, NO dress

NO undergarment ‘wonder-raise’

That at first glance do so confess

The wearer’s wearisome ol’ ways 😕



Oh, you may own but black or brown

Because you find that adequate 😕

But don’t let boredom get you down

While I’m having more fun at it… 😀

For once consider a bright pair

As part of your reflection

And whether people smile or stare

You’ll find you’ve found duo-satisfaction! :mrgreen:


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